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Fredsugar.com launches
Tags: sitenews

Welcome to FredSugar.com a side project that has come from talent scouting mostly males for straight amateur erotica. The site will update at least 4 times a month, but initially will be updating more often as I work through the material that has already been shot. Please email me at support@fredsugar.com with your suggestions, and ideas. Learning as I go
Tags: sitenews

Site is still is and I guess always be a work in progress. Very interesting to see how the subscribers are so diverse. For example, you have some subscribers that hate shower scenes, and then I have mail from subscribers, that prefer non-sexual nude content such as shower scenes! Just note I do read every message, and while I can't or will not be doing every suggestion, I am working on doing more of some of them, more male butt closeups, and more helping hand scenes.

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