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Fredsugar.com launches
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Welcome to FredSugar.com a side project that has come from talent scouting mostly males for straight amateur erotica. The site will update at least 4 times a month, but initially will be updating more often as I work through the material that has already been shot. Please email me at support@fredsugar.com with your suggestions, and ideas. Fredbucks.com the FredSugar Affiliate program
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Go to FredBucks.com and sign up to be an affiliate today! Learning as I go
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Site is still is and I guess always be a work in progress. Very interesting to see how the subscribers are so diverse. For example, you have some subscribers that hate shower scenes, and then I have mail from subscribers, that prefer non-sexual nude content such as shower scenes! Just note I do read every message, and while I can't or will not be doing every suggestion, I am working on doing more of some of them, more male butt closeups, and more helping hand scenes. 2020 so far
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Awaiting the hurricane, tornados, and hurricanes! Sorry, I never remember to update this blog, so the last three months have been a challenge! Pandemics, floods, riots, and on a smaller scale. I've had server soft ware issues, that thankfully I think have finally been worked out after three weeks of support and budget that wasn't planned to be spent. Things are starting back up, but during the downtime, I was also working on the Stuck-at-home series, to both help out models that were stuck at home due to shutdowns and quarantines over the last couple months and some will go here, as regular updates, and some will be able to be found on clips.fredsugar.com as individual clips if anyone is interested. Usually because the format doesn't work for my main server or the concept isn't really one that I think will fit the main site because of space issues. Stay safe, everyone.

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